Seekers of the Misty Isle

Arvenadven's Journal Entry #10

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Expedition

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Archive 1, Journal Entry 10

Year 2014, Day 199

After awaking, I went into the dining hall, and saw all of my companions, including the one that is looking like a stunning gray elf again. After minor conversation, we decided we needed to prepare for our journey ahead. I asked the druid if we could leave the city and do a walkabout in a more natural setting; so we could talk about the environment, allow his wolf to act like a wolf, and so I could pick his brain and scribe some of the magic he possesses into my prayerbook. He agreed without further adieu. The others stated they were going to make some preparations as well.

We talked about the climate, the terrain, and some of the things that we may encounter while we are there. At the same time, we spent some hours getting his form of magic into my prayerbook - for archiving purposes of course. We went back to the inn, and we both noticed Arin'Cael looked like he got stabbed. I casted Cure Light Wounds on him twice so that he would be okay. He revealed that Ama'Oro is fantastic with her rapier - I guess they had a "friendly" duel. Also, on our way back in to the city, Jharak released his wonderful wolf back into the wild. He did not want him to suffer in the Frostfell - which are probably going to do.

After Elwin found out that there was some friendly competition going on, he asked Arin'Cael if he would like to duel as well. They both agreed; as long as the duel takes place outside the city and near the trees. My superior intellect tells me that he will utilize his ability, as a forestlord elf, to pass through trees - sneaky! The terms were agreed upon. I decided to give some tactical advise to Arin'Cael about what our brethren, the forestlord elves, are capable of doing, and I said a small prayer, allowing the Seldarine to bless him with a Bear's Endurance (we want things to be fair don't we?).

All of us decided to watch this duel, and Jharak used the power of nature to give Arin'Cael a Bull's Strength. But I do not believe the spellcasting would have made any difference. The duel ended up being over so fast that Elwin hardly seemed to be able to draw his bow. Arin'Cael, with seemingly blinding speed, rushed towards him, and in one motion drew his dagger and plunged it hard into Elwin... and Elwin conceded. I used one of the scrolls that the priest of St. Cuthbert gave me and casted Cure Moderate Wounds on him to heal him up. Still being slightly wounded, he told the Princess that if she would heal him all the way, then he would be willing to duel her. As if madness is a disease that only Jharak and I had not contracted, her highness agreed.

Feeling a bit sorry for Elwin, I quickly gave him some of the finer points of tactical advice regarding her fey heritage. I also maded a 50 silver wager to Jharak that Elwin would succeed over Princess Amaika. He agreed. This time, though, Elwin began the duel, being backed up against a tree... I think I have an idea of what is going to happen.

The duel began with her majesty drawing her longsword and charging toward Elwin, and smacking him hard with the flat side of her blade. That really seemed to hurt him, but, he regained his composure and "tree walked" to the top of the tree he had his back against. Seemingly frustrated, the princess first began to turn around and walk off, until an arrow hit her in the shoulder. This enraged her and she began to climb the tree towards Elwin. The only problem though, these arrows were direct hits. It is almost as if he was really trying to kill her. This really shocked all of us. She continued to climb and she took another arrow, hitting her very hard in the chest area. Arin'Cael, sensing the depravity, pulled out a dagger and flung it towards Elwin, I believe hitting him with it. I noticed the Princess losing consciousness, and not wanting her to hit the ground head first and possibly breaking her neck, I ran towards her getting ready to catch her in my arms. Jharak was also upset, and with the forces of nature in his grasp, he began to Call Lightning and directed a bolt to strike Elwin for his cowardly moves. I caught the Princess when she fell, but oh dear Seldarine she is heavier than she looks. Rather than really catching her, it was more like breaking her fall with me being pinned beneath her. She has really got to watch what she is eating.

Elwin yelled that he is sorry and that he is finished, and climbed out of the tree, Jharak helped the Princess Amaika off of me, and frowningly gave me 50 silver coins (technically I did win the wager). With all of us standing there looking at each other I felt really disgusted.

I told everyone that they are all losing their minds. I told them that we are not used to such luxurious city life and that we are suffering from a type of cabin fever. I then stated that an Archmage should not need a few days to prepare for anything and that he must make an exception for us. We are elves damn it! And nearly killing each other to satisfy some sort of bloodlust is something the Orcs would do, not us. I believe I got my point across and we all walked back into the city.

We all made it back to the Archmage's place, and after Princess Amaika using some of her powers of Diplomacy, the apprentice that was seeing to us, went and talked to the Archmage. Apparently, he would help us out early for a small fee. We all waited in the waiting room until dark. The Archmage did show up, and he did sense our need for urgency, and opened a gate for us to all pass through, and arrive at the cabin in the woods. We thanked him, and left Avalon.

It was dark. It was cold. We saw the cabin. I told everyone we should probably sleep through the predator filled darkness and begin anew in the morning. Everyone agreed. You know, I find that I am never wrong, and other are only right when they agree with me. We all used our bedrolls and made our bunks for the night. I, naturally, made my bunk next to Ama'Oro. I mean, why not? I put my Cloak of Elvenkind over us to "hide" us from all of the others. It is late. I need to sleep. I will write a new entry in the morning.


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