Seekers of the Misty Isle

Arvenadven's Journal Entry #12

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Expedition

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Archive 1, Journal Entry 12

Year 2014, Day 200

I wish I had not awoke this day. This was almost the worst day of my entire life. I will just start from the beginning before I start crying again.

After finishing some tea with Ama'oro (and everyone else - but who are they compared to my fey'ri?), I decided I needed a bath. On my way towards the bath, the loudest crash I ever heard come smashing into the walls or ceiling (who cares - it was damned loud). I ran back into the common area and asked what Jharak has done. I asked this because he was talking about casting Call Lightning inside of a cave, so I knew spellcasting and thunderous crashes were on his mind. We heard a loud voice, in Giant, yell for the spellcaster to come out. When everyone heard that, all eyes were on me. I poked my head through the front door and saw a Frost Giant (for the first time ever I may add) with a pile of boulders next to him. I asked him what he wanted. He replied that he wanted the owner of the cabin (he obviously recognized that I wasn't the spellcaster in question - must be the Archmage back in Avalon; to pay him 100,000 gold pieces or have his cabin pushed off of his mountain. Sure, let me open up my personal vault...

I translated what he said to the others. I responded by asking him if I could do anything to make him change his mind, other than pay 100,000 gold coins. He sarcastically replied that we could instead pay 10,000 platinum coins. Always a smart ass around isn't there? His demeanor began to change. I could sense some very angry barbaric intentions about him. I decided we needed to get the jump on him as this would not be very good. I began to cast Ray of Enfeeblement - let's see him throw another rock like that with some of his strength sapped.

Princess Amaika, Seldarine forgive her woodsoul, decided to cover up my mouth so I couldn't cast my god damned spell! The frost giant probably figured out what I was doing, and ran to the far side of the cabin, and said, "Okay boys, let them have it." Another rumble, and we could literally feel, and see, the cabin sliding on the snow - THEY ARE PUSHING US OFF THIS MOUNTAIN! Needless to say, we all got out just in time to watch the building crumble off the edge of the mountain. I hope the Archmage doesn't blame us for this.

The extremely sweet, agile, beautiful, and courageous Ama'oro sprung into action and charged towards one of the giants. Jharak turned into a bear... druids... I was able to Bless everyone, by the good graces of our Seldarine. The others got into various fighting positions. If it is a fight the giants want, then it is a fight they are going to get!

A recount of my prayer:

Praise to the fire
Of soothing warmth and burning flame
Both respected and feared
I beseech you
Veneration to the wind
Of gentle breeze and howling gale
The life giving breath
I beseech you
Reverence to the water
Of nourishing deliverance and fathomless depths
From faerie spring to mother sea
I beseech you
Honor to the earth
Of the womb of birth and the cradle of death
Giver of sustenance
I beseech you
Oh spirits of the great forest
Guardians of nature, divinities of the sacred circle
Hear my prayers and give me strength

So the battle had begun, from my witnessed account, with valorous swordplay, a casting of Call Lightning, by the bear, and my casting of Ray of Enfeeblement to lessen the strength of these dangerous and angry Frost Giants. If I can recall correctly, I believe Jharak also gave others a Bull's Strength. Swords and daggers flayed. Arrows flew. Spells were cast. We suffered our first casualty... it is so hard to write this down... the giant that referred to himself as the Mountain King hit Arin'Cael extremely hard with his axe, that he literally flew off the side of the mountain, undoubtedly plummeting to his death. But the blood splatter was so great, I have to assume he was dead before he hit the ground below.

The wonderful woman that I have come to love most in the past week, Ama'oro, fell next... forgive me. I can't write this down at the moment.

Ok, The Mountain King, seemingly satisfied with his "work" ran off and laughingly said something to the effect of he will be back or some other such nonsense. The one Frost Giant remained, and with a tremendown blow with his axe, Jharak went down. Alive or dead, I did not know. Seconds later, Princess Amaika went down. Alive or dead, I did not know either. Only Elwin and I remained, the giant charged towards Elwin, whose arrows kept whizzing by. With no offensive spells left, I did what every elf was born to do. I drew my longsword, and charged the giant. Blood was spilled. Curses were said. When all was said and done, I drove my longsword deep into throat of the fallen giant, and Elwin, climbing up stairs that he had fell down. I quickly ran to our druid and our paladin, and noticed they were still breathing! I used a Cure Light Wounds on each of them, which allowed them to wake and help all of our wounds, which were deeper than any axe from any frost giant by now.

I looked over the edge of the mountain, and I could not hold my tears back at seeing my beloved Ama'oro laying dead upon the rocky below. What could I have done to saved her. I wished I could trade places with her. She did not deserve this at all. My Seldarine, why hast thou forsaken thine beloved?

Jharak interrupted my tears and sorrow... "I can reincarnate them." What? Did I hear him correctly? We put on the climbing gear we had and raced to the bottom of the mountain. My heart was pounding with sadness, with wonder, with anticipation, with... passion. I held my Ama'oro's lifeless body in my arms. Ten minutes of incantations from jharak, and the two most beautiful eyes I have ever had the honor of peering into, opened. Blessed be thy name, I kissed those lips and shared her first breath of life as if it were my own. My Ama'oro was alive once again. I embraced her heavily. I did not want to let go.


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