Seekers of the Misty Isle

Arvenadven's Journal Entry #15

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Expedition

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Archive 1, Journal Entry 15

Year 2014, Day 201

The druid led us to the back entrance of the temple. There was such a finely crafted natural optical illusion, that it was hard to notice the stairway entrance to the place. It blended in with the natural surroundings so well. I didn't know orcs were capable of such things. Perhaps they enslaved some dwarves to craft this for them. I do not know of orcish craftsmanship like this. Must be impossible.

The druid said he would stay behind and watch over our druid’s newest animal companion – a gigantic deer called a megaloceros. Jharak named him Jethro. Such a name is not of elvish nature. Must be some weird druidic concoction.

We descended into the temple and it was dark, it was cold, and there were these human skulls mounted on iron spikes that had a red ruby in one of the eyes that provided illumination – on what appeared to be blood-like paint that covered the walls. Such an evil place. I hope we aren’t in here too long. Who knows how long this place has been here and who knows what evil remains even after it was allegedly abandoned long ago.

We came upon a hallway that revealed a pitfall. It was at least a 40 foot drop with spikes and dead bodies littered all throughout the bottom. I was able to Levitate over the death trap. I took Elwin’s rope and grappling hook with me, and I placed the grappling hook onto one of the iron spikes that had a glowing skull. Seemed strong enough to me. He tied the other end of the rope to another skull spike on the other side of the pit, and everyone was able to scale across with no problems.

We came upon a staircase, and we could hear some drips of water. There, before us, sat the largest orc I had ever seen. Well, I had never actually seen an orc before, but yes – the largest orc I ever seen. He had wings for the love of Corellon! He seemed to be expecting us? He said to us, “The master said you would be coming here to steal our trinkets.” I have literally no idea what he is talking about. A staff is not a trinket!

He spoke a command word and an obscuring fog filled the room. We could only see about 10 feet in front of us at that point. I kissed my beloved on the cheek, and yelled for the others to join the fray. Ama’oro sprung into action toward him. I casted Haste to help everyone get the upper hand on what could be our impending doom.

It was a relatively short lasted battle. I believe our orcish enemy underestimated the might of the elves. We fought like the stuff of legend. We are creating our own legend. We are elves. Never will we face evil and turn the other way. Never again.


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