Seekers of the Misty Isle

Arvenadven's Journal Entry #9

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Expedition

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Archive 1, Journal Entry 9

Year 2014, Day 198

After arriving at Avalon, I immediately went to a library to begin researching The River Styx so that I could reaffirm what I already knew. I also assisted Ama'oro with her research, as she (and her former companions) is also looking for the Misty Isle. Arin'Cael stayed with us; gray elves sticking together! The others went to find a way to get Jharak healed of his feeblemindedness.

Hours of research later, we all met back up at the Inn that we agreed to meet at. Allegedly, the others teleported back to Avalon and Jharak was completely naked. Needless to say, a run in with the law and a 50 gold piece fine later, we all did indeed meet back up.

We learned that a "key" to the Misty Isle was rumored to be at an ancient temple to the Orc deity, Gruumsh, that is located in the frozen lands of the north, known as Frostfell. So we would have to make our journey there. I also remembered the portals, and that they are a danger to many. I needed to report this to the authorities. Princess Amaika suggested I speak to the Archmage that they all have been dealing with (concerning the removal of the feeblemindedness of Jharak). This readily perked my interest and we made our way to him.

He did not seem to be bothered with my account, until I mentioned the other connections the gateway had. When I mentioned the portal in Wyrmwood, and the abyssal runes that named Avalon, New Avalon, Newport, and Rome, specifically; He seemed to become very concerned. He asked to scry upon my memories, and I allowed him as such.

After learning all that he needed from my memories, he gaves us all tokens for a temporary stay in Upper City, and a small sack of platinum coins to stay at the Inn of Two Towers - a rather luxurious place. I stated I needed to go to a temple of St. Cuthbert. Arin'Cael decided to go to his room instead and Ama'oro declined - she said she would not feel comfortable going there. The others decided to accompany me. Maybe my gray elven companions know something I do not?

Upon arrival to the Cuthbertine temple, you could feel the tension in the air immediately. I expected this. Their extremely zealous nature and strict comformance to Law and Order make most of us "people of the wood" a little uneasy. I explained that I would like to discuss business with a clergyman. What came out to speak with me was an extremely battle hardened individual with a beard as gray as my eyes. He was very direct and to the point. I followed suit.

First I revealed that I had a sample of the River Styx, and they could perhaps use this for study or for whatever uses they would like. I also told them of my experiences with the portals and of the demons that imprisoned me at the River Styx. Now, this really got his attention. I could literally see his expression change when he heard the word demon. He scried upon my memories, and rewarded this knowledge with divine scrolls. I thanked him for the scrolls (that is what I was really after anyway). And we were all off.

Upon our arrival to the Inn of Two Towers, word came to us all that Arin'Cael was having a party. I respectffully declined. I have a lot of scribing to do. In the meantime, I knocked on the door of Ama'oro. She allowed me entry. I told her that I learned of rumors that her elven house has had dealings with demons in the past (Princess Amaika told me that). She said that yes, there are rumors concerning her house such as that. So I asked if they were true. She said she did not know. I was inclined to believe her. After I apologized for being so inquisitive, she decided to make a revelation. She showed me her true appearance.

She was just as beautiful as she always has been, however her skin tone was slightly more red she had wings. LEATHERY BAT-LIKE WINGS! I was without words. She revealed the truth behind the ancient dealing with demons her house has been rumored to have. I told her that I thank her for the truth, and that it is not my business to spread her business with others. When she feels necessary to reveal such information, then it is up to her to do so. I told her I am just a man that does not like not knowing things, and I really wanted to know who I was talking to. She seemed to understand. I thanked her again, and said I needed to get back to my room. I want to prove to her that I can be a gentleman, and not a person that would take advantage of a vulnerable moment. Although I do sort of wish she asked me to stay - no matter. I have to tend to my prayerbook. There will be time and time again, for other, personal moments.


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