Seekers of the Misty Isle

Detriment of Elven Lifespans
Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Lifespans Are a Detriment:
A Case Study on How Shorter Lived Races Are Surpassing Elves

Arvendadven Trafdureth, Scholar of Paragnostic Assembly
University of New Silverymoon, Wyrmwood


Elves, living longer than most other sentient species of humanoid, experience smaller amounts of evolutionary change. Elves can typically live 700 years. During that time from, eight or nine generations of human will span; and twelve to fifteen generations of orc will span. Each generation passes on their traits; through standards of education, the knowledge and experience of each generation prior. Due to a typical lower birthrate of elves, and the longer maturation of adolescent elves, elves are becoming less prepared and adaptable to the rest of the world. This paper will show that the long elven lifespan, in addition to religious circumstances, is a detriment to the future of the elven people.


The elves are a dying breed of humanoid. National atrocities, lower birthrates, and destruction of natural resources, and religious circumstances are causing a preemptive extinction event. The city of New Silverymoon, located in Wyrmwood, is the only known surviving elven population; excluding the Drow of the Underdark, and that population is barely over a thousand. Many of that population are less than highly productive members of a society - the disabled, the very old, and the very young. In this paper, we will explore how the shorter lived races, namely orcs and humans; are exploding in influence and population, how other long-lived races are dwindling in influence and population, namely the gnomes and dwarves; we will explore how Lolth, and Gruumsh are also causing a decrease in elven progeny; and we will explore how the Misty Isle is the last stand - figuratively speaking - for the elves as a whole.

Material and Methods

I. Human Civilization (Rome)

a. History of Rome

i. Rome began as a city state with an agricultural population specializing in wheat, barley, grapes, and olives. Wines, Grains, and Oils became very popular domestic products. Due to the need to protect crops and products, militias began.

ii. Trading Posts and Farmers' Markets gave rise to a city, which was governed by the wealthiest benefactor of wine production, Augustus Roma, in which this new trade city garnered its name. Humanoids from all over the Oerth flocked in droves to this one place to experience the products of this very prosperous farmland.

iii. Expansion, settlement, and population growth contributed to the largest human city in current human history. As a dominating force of wealth and power, came rise to politics, such as empirical hierarchy and national socialistic democracy.

iv. With the need for greater territorial expansion and more natural resources, those militias soon became invading armies. The Roman Empire spanned almost the entire continent it sat on, and also began on the large continent to the south.

b. Time Frames of Rome

i. From Hamlet to City State took 16 years.

ii. Trading Posts and Markets becoming an Empirical Nation took 14 years.

iii. Expansion and Settlement creating the Roman Empire took 80 years.

iv. In a span of 110 years, farmland soon became the most powerful human civilization in Oerth's current history.

II. Orc Civilization (The Horde)

a. History of the Horde

i. The horde began as small groups of clans, commonly at war with each other, in the eastern lands, surrounded by what was once known (to elves) as the High Forest. These clans were once part of a somewhat forgotten civilization of Orcs that lived in the Frostfell.

ii. Ruut the Greyskinned began to rise in power and influence among those orcs. Having learned from human civilizations, especially a wealthy Roman businessman; that a prosperous existence requires civilization.

iii. Ruut declared himself Warchief of the Orcish Horde, after conquering and uniting all of the clans. Conquering territory after territory, and slaughtering all those that were not of Orcish descent; nationalistic fervor and pride took over the primitive bloodlust that orcs garnered prior.

iv. Complete control of the Eastern Lands (High Forest) and surrounding mountain ranges, paved the way for the creation of Skarr, the largest city of orcs this Oerth has ever known

v. Orcs, from literally all over the Oerth, allied themselves with Warchief Ruut, and moved to live in Skarr. Power, wealth, and influence turned primitive orcish clans, into dominating political figures.

b. Timeframes of the Horde

i. Took less than a year for survivors of the Frostfell Exodus to reform under various clans.

ii. Less than a year for Ruut to earn his freedom from humans, and find the orcish clans.

iii. Less than a year for Ruut to come to power, and unite all clans under his leadership.

iv. Less than a year for Ruut to completely conquer the High Forest and displace any and all non-orcish residents.

v. In a span of less than 20 years, The Horde has created Skarr, the most powerful, feared, and seemingly permanent Orcish civilization this Oerth has ever come to know.

III. Declination of Dwarves and Gnomes

a. Eastern Kingdoms

i. Horde Expansion caused the death of several generations of Dwarves - causing the Dwarves to retreat higher into the mountains, diminishing their influence throughout the region and diminishing trade routes; not including the Duergar of the Underdark.

ii. Horde Expansion caused the death of several generations of Gnomes - cause the Gnomes to leave their native homelands in the high Forest, obliterating their influence and trade routes completely.

b. Western Kingdoms

i. Suel Empires of humans caused the death of several generations of Dwarves - causing the Dwarves to retreat higher into the mountains, diminishing their influence throughout the region and diminishing trade routes; not including the Duergar of the Underdark.

ii. Suel Empires of humans caused the enslavement and displacement of several generations of Gnomes - causing the Gnomes to give up their historical identity or leave their homelands permanently. This has greatly diminished their influence throughout the region; and making trade nearly non-existent.

IV. Declination of Elves

a. High Forest

i. Horde expansion equaled genocide and complete obliteration of all elven society within the High Forest. The extremely small number of survivors regrouped in Wyrmwood, causing rise to New Silverymoon.

b. Sandstorm

i. Roman expansion equaled genocide and complete obliteration of all elven society within the High Forest. The extremely small number of survivors regrouped in Wyrmwood, causing rise to New Silverymoon.

ii. Oddly enough, the Roman Empire inadvertently also caused the exodus of the native Orcs - which increased the population of The Horde; and sped up the process of genocide in High Forest elves.

V. Religious Implications

a. Influence of Lolth

i. According to the myths of the surface elves, Lolth was once an elven goddess of weavers and destiny known as Megwandir or Araushnee, dwelling with the other gods of the Seldarine in the plane of Arborea, where her worshippers produced the best silk in the multiverse.After trying to usurp the throne of Corellon Larethian, she was transformed into a demon and cast into the Abyss. There, she slowly regained her lost divinity by corrupting the dark elves.

b. Influence of Gruumsh

i. It was an opportunistic evil indeed that stole upon Araushnee while she lay in the depths of jealousy. A power of vengeance, harboring great enmity toward Corellon: the orc god Gruumsh. With a single dark thread in her web of destinies, Gruumsh planted the desire for revenge in her breast and stoked her evil feelings until they became a raging fire. Gruumsh worked with subtlety and patience, disguising his handiwork with devastating wars that drew Corellon's attentions elsewhere. When Araushnee appeared in his court at Nishrek with an offer of allegiance to take down the father of elvenkind, Gruumsh knew his plan had succeeded.

c. Conspiracy of the Gods

i. Araushnee seduced the wild god Fenmarel Mestarine to her quarter, and with poison turned her child Vhaeraun to evil. Her attacks began with stealth; bending fate to give Gruumsh the edge in a duel with Corellon; convincing the Faerunian power Malar to harry the weakened elven deity and imprisoning Sehanine Moonbow, her greatest rival, who had discovered through a contrite Fenmarel the schemes of the corrupted goddess. Araushnee and her allies struggled against the Seldarine and eventually broke, but she had cornered the still-weak Corellon. Hanali Celanil and Aerdrie Faenya liberated Sehanine and the three joined their powers to defeat Araushnee, whom Corellon stripped of divinity and cast into the Abyss.

d. Aftermath of the Plot

i. The fall of Lolth had farther-reaching ramifications for elvenkind, though, for as Araushnee she held the elven essence of destiny, desire, purpose and artisanry. When Corellon struck away her divinity, he struck all that Araushnee represented out of the elven essence. Now that she has reclaimed her divinity, Lolth still controls a twisted version of her old portfolio but rarely exercises it. The loss of Araushnee's portfolio has been a direct contributor to the stagnation and slow decline of the elven people, and one that Corellon cannot rectify. The only hope for the elves lies in finding those whose essence was not scoured - the few who were taken by Gruumsh when he stole away the Misty Isle.

e. The Misty Isle

i. The Misty Isle is a holy city of the elves that was forever hidden by the gods Gruumsh and Kurtulmak. Corellon Larethian shot an arrow from his blessed bow and famously took out the eye of the orcish god (Gruumsh). The hiding of the isle was Gruumsh's retaliation.


Through this case study, we can see that the shorter lived races, namely Humans and Orcs, have continuously expanding population and societal surges. That directly affects the societies of the longer lived races. The average elf lives 500-700 years. The average human lives 50-70 years. The average orc lives 40-60 years. Elves mature around 110-120 years of age. Humans mature around 16-18 years of age. Orcs mature 14-16 years of age. Mathematically, the shorter lived races are simply multiplying at a rate that is not possible for the longer lived races. Geographically, the shorter lived races are expanding at a rate that is not possible for the longer lived races.


In order to continue surviving, as a whole, the elves must amplify their efforts to locate the Misty Isle. Due to the divine limitations presented upon us from Lolth, and the Divine implications presented upon us from Gruumsh; the genocide presented upon us from the Roman Empire and the Orcish Horde; the elves must find the uncorrupted lands to call our very own - for a chance to rebuild, rekindle, and repopulate. And we must learn from the shorter lived races - about their territorial expansion as a constant throughout their existence. Politically, pacts must be made and honored to prevent the transgression upon the elves that have befallen all on this Oerth.


The author of this paper would like to acknowledge the Paragnostic Assembly for their vast archives of literature. The author of this paper would like to acknowledge Highmage Afghairon Redleaf for his personal accounts of history. The author if this paper would like to acknowledge the libraries of Avalon for their vast archives on regional history and geography. The author would also like to acknowledge the newfound love of his life: Ama'oro Eirtahl; without her - he would have one less reason to keep doing what he does for his elven people.

Arvenadven's Journal Entry #16
Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Expedition

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Archive 1, Journal Entry 16

Year 2014, Day 202

Elwin was abducted, and what did we do before we set out after him? We took a rest... for eight hours. May the Seldarine forgive us if we have made a grave mistake on our companion's behalf. What abducted him, however, was apparently demonic in nature. It appeared to be a great ape - a gorilla - only with tusks and pronounced claws. I can only hope that Labelas, my personal savior, will not hold this against me in my elven timeline. What's done is done. We must move on.

Through more chambers, more steps, more traps, and deeper and deeper into this epitome of evil we strode. To make a short story shorter, we came across a room where three orcs - two of those had fiendish blood - were conducting some sort of ritual on an elf priestess. An Elf! We had to do something, and fast. And we did.

Arvenadven's Journal Entry #15
Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Expedition

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Archive 1, Journal Entry 15

Year 2014, Day 201

The druid led us to the back entrance of the temple. There was such a finely crafted natural optical illusion, that it was hard to notice the stairway entrance to the place. It blended in with the natural surroundings so well. I didn't know orcs were capable of such things. Perhaps they enslaved some dwarves to craft this for them. I do not know of orcish craftsmanship like this. Must be impossible.

The druid said he would stay behind and watch over our druid’s newest animal companion – a gigantic deer called a megaloceros. Jharak named him Jethro. Such a name is not of elvish nature. Must be some weird druidic concoction.

We descended into the temple and it was dark, it was cold, and there were these human skulls mounted on iron spikes that had a red ruby in one of the eyes that provided illumination – on what appeared to be blood-like paint that covered the walls. Such an evil place. I hope we aren’t in here too long. Who knows how long this place has been here and who knows what evil remains even after it was allegedly abandoned long ago.

We came upon a hallway that revealed a pitfall. It was at least a 40 foot drop with spikes and dead bodies littered all throughout the bottom. I was able to Levitate over the death trap. I took Elwin’s rope and grappling hook with me, and I placed the grappling hook onto one of the iron spikes that had a glowing skull. Seemed strong enough to me. He tied the other end of the rope to another skull spike on the other side of the pit, and everyone was able to scale across with no problems.

We came upon a staircase, and we could hear some drips of water. There, before us, sat the largest orc I had ever seen. Well, I had never actually seen an orc before, but yes – the largest orc I ever seen. He had wings for the love of Corellon! He seemed to be expecting us? He said to us, “The master said you would be coming here to steal our trinkets.” I have literally no idea what he is talking about. A staff is not a trinket!

He spoke a command word and an obscuring fog filled the room. We could only see about 10 feet in front of us at that point. I kissed my beloved on the cheek, and yelled for the others to join the fray. Ama’oro sprung into action toward him. I casted Haste to help everyone get the upper hand on what could be our impending doom.

It was a relatively short lasted battle. I believe our orcish enemy underestimated the might of the elves. We fought like the stuff of legend. We are creating our own legend. We are elves. Never will we face evil and turn the other way. Never again.

Arvenadven's Journal Entry #14
Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Expedition

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Archive 1, Journal Entry 14

Year 2014, Day 201

Well, how to say this, Elwin lasted longer than probably even he thought he would. Although, I think the Uthgardt Druid, we came to learn, probably took it easy on him. But, he seemed to respect the fight that Elwin put up, and agreed to help us. He asked us what we needed, and, to be polite and honest, we told him exactly what we were doing here.

He knew in good detail about the temple, about the necklace on the Mountain King’s neck, and said he would get the necklace for us if we brought him a staff – from out of the orcish temple. Of course we agreed. As soon as the agreement was made, he changed into a giant raven, and flew off – after telling us to wait where we were. So, a small camp erected, and a few hours later, he returned. He returned with the necklace. We were all in shock. He snuck in, stole it, and snuck out. Then… it was our turn to uphold our part of the bargain. May Corellon watch over us.

Arvenadven's Journal Entry #13
Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Expedition

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Archive 1, Journal Entry 13

Year 2014, Day 200

After we all regained our composure, I decided we needed a break from all of this. I had casted Rope Trick to give us all a 7 hour respite from this environment. It gave all of us a chance to regain our senses and to heal some of our wounds – both physically and mentally.

We all got into a discussion about what we should do. With almost perfect timing, a visage of High Archmage Afghairon Redleaf appeared before all of us. After giving us some helpful advice, and teaching Elwin a little lesson in humility, he left us to continue on our journey. Essentially, the Mountain King is wearing a necklace, which has a magic orb on it. The orb fits into the eye socket of a statue of Gruumsh at the temple we are supposed to find. Entities only known as “Elf Friends” are supposed to reveal themselves afterward.

A small problem is this: there are approximately 10-12 frost giants in the mountain king’s encampment. The destruction that two of them reigned down upon us was horrifying. Now we would have to deal with a dozen? We all got into a heated debate on how we should proceed. Eventually, I got through to everyone that we are not a marauding group of barbarians that will just run in there and take what we want. We have to use our brains here. We have to use… allies. The Uthgardt Barbarians are here, somewhere, and they can help us. Jharak said he can shift into a bird and scout around. I told him that many Uthgardt tribes worship their deity through totem animals. Many of the animals we may come across may in fact be a shape-shifted person. Jharak turned into a big raven – and in turn, spotted another big raven.

As Jharak got close, the raven he spotted flew down to us, and turned into the biggest human I have ever seen. After some conversation consisting of, essentially, “take us to your leader,” he wanted to “see what we were made of first.” He requested a boxing match. Bare knuckled. No protection. First one to submit or go unconscious loses, within 10 rounds of combat. If he wanted a debate, I would step up. But this time around, I stepped back. Who am I to have a bare knuckled brawl with this barbarian? Elwin said he would do it…

The barbarian did allow us to “bless” our champion. I casted Aid upon Elwin, and I believe Jharak casted Bulls Strength, Cats Grace and Barkskin. I hope he succeeds. I am writing this down now, before this contest of "who has a bigger dick," happens. My guess… the Uthgardt.

Arvenadven's Journal Entry #12
Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Expedition

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Archive 1, Journal Entry 12

Year 2014, Day 200

I wish I had not awoke this day. This was almost the worst day of my entire life. I will just start from the beginning before I start crying again.

After finishing some tea with Ama'oro (and everyone else - but who are they compared to my fey'ri?), I decided I needed a bath. On my way towards the bath, the loudest crash I ever heard come smashing into the walls or ceiling (who cares - it was damned loud). I ran back into the common area and asked what Jharak has done. I asked this because he was talking about casting Call Lightning inside of a cave, so I knew spellcasting and thunderous crashes were on his mind. We heard a loud voice, in Giant, yell for the spellcaster to come out. When everyone heard that, all eyes were on me. I poked my head through the front door and saw a Frost Giant (for the first time ever I may add) with a pile of boulders next to him. I asked him what he wanted. He replied that he wanted the owner of the cabin (he obviously recognized that I wasn't the spellcaster in question - must be the Archmage back in Avalon; to pay him 100,000 gold pieces or have his cabin pushed off of his mountain. Sure, let me open up my personal vault...

I translated what he said to the others. I responded by asking him if I could do anything to make him change his mind, other than pay 100,000 gold coins. He sarcastically replied that we could instead pay 10,000 platinum coins. Always a smart ass around isn't there? His demeanor began to change. I could sense some very angry barbaric intentions about him. I decided we needed to get the jump on him as this would not be very good. I began to cast Ray of Enfeeblement - let's see him throw another rock like that with some of his strength sapped.

Princess Amaika, Seldarine forgive her woodsoul, decided to cover up my mouth so I couldn't cast my god damned spell! The frost giant probably figured out what I was doing, and ran to the far side of the cabin, and said, "Okay boys, let them have it." Another rumble, and we could literally feel, and see, the cabin sliding on the snow - THEY ARE PUSHING US OFF THIS MOUNTAIN! Needless to say, we all got out just in time to watch the building crumble off the edge of the mountain. I hope the Archmage doesn't blame us for this.

The extremely sweet, agile, beautiful, and courageous Ama'oro sprung into action and charged towards one of the giants. Jharak turned into a bear... druids... I was able to Bless everyone, by the good graces of our Seldarine. The others got into various fighting positions. If it is a fight the giants want, then it is a fight they are going to get!

A recount of my prayer:

Praise to the fire
Of soothing warmth and burning flame
Both respected and feared
I beseech you
Veneration to the wind
Of gentle breeze and howling gale
The life giving breath
I beseech you
Reverence to the water
Of nourishing deliverance and fathomless depths
From faerie spring to mother sea
I beseech you
Honor to the earth
Of the womb of birth and the cradle of death
Giver of sustenance
I beseech you
Oh spirits of the great forest
Guardians of nature, divinities of the sacred circle
Hear my prayers and give me strength

So the battle had begun, from my witnessed account, with valorous swordplay, a casting of Call Lightning, by the bear, and my casting of Ray of Enfeeblement to lessen the strength of these dangerous and angry Frost Giants. If I can recall correctly, I believe Jharak also gave others a Bull's Strength. Swords and daggers flayed. Arrows flew. Spells were cast. We suffered our first casualty... it is so hard to write this down... the giant that referred to himself as the Mountain King hit Arin'Cael extremely hard with his axe, that he literally flew off the side of the mountain, undoubtedly plummeting to his death. But the blood splatter was so great, I have to assume he was dead before he hit the ground below.

The wonderful woman that I have come to love most in the past week, Ama'oro, fell next... forgive me. I can't write this down at the moment.

Ok, The Mountain King, seemingly satisfied with his "work" ran off and laughingly said something to the effect of he will be back or some other such nonsense. The one Frost Giant remained, and with a tremendown blow with his axe, Jharak went down. Alive or dead, I did not know. Seconds later, Princess Amaika went down. Alive or dead, I did not know either. Only Elwin and I remained, the giant charged towards Elwin, whose arrows kept whizzing by. With no offensive spells left, I did what every elf was born to do. I drew my longsword, and charged the giant. Blood was spilled. Curses were said. When all was said and done, I drove my longsword deep into throat of the fallen giant, and Elwin, climbing up stairs that he had fell down. I quickly ran to our druid and our paladin, and noticed they were still breathing! I used a Cure Light Wounds on each of them, which allowed them to wake and help all of our wounds, which were deeper than any axe from any frost giant by now.

I looked over the edge of the mountain, and I could not hold my tears back at seeing my beloved Ama'oro laying dead upon the rocky below. What could I have done to saved her. I wished I could trade places with her. She did not deserve this at all. My Seldarine, why hast thou forsaken thine beloved?

Jharak interrupted my tears and sorrow... "I can reincarnate them." What? Did I hear him correctly? We put on the climbing gear we had and raced to the bottom of the mountain. My heart was pounding with sadness, with wonder, with anticipation, with... passion. I held my Ama'oro's lifeless body in my arms. Ten minutes of incantations from jharak, and the two most beautiful eyes I have ever had the honor of peering into, opened. Blessed be thy name, I kissed those lips and shared her first breath of life as if it were my own. My Ama'oro was alive once again. I embraced her heavily. I did not want to let go.

Arvenadven's Journal Entry #11
Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Expedition

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Archive 1, Journal Entry 11

Year 2014, Day 200

The morning has begun, and everyone is preparing to set off in this land none of us have ever been to. There is almost two feet of snow outside. I never even seen snow before. I studied my spells, and my beloved... I mean Ama'Oro... began practicing her swordsmanship. I almost couldn't concentrate on my books while she was moving about. The way the sweat began to forulate and drip from her brow. The tension within her muscles... I have to look away.

Before we put on our cold weather clothing, I also cast Endure Elements upon myself and upon Ama'oro. This made Elwin a little frustrated, ha ha ha. Oh I do not care. What is he going to do, climb a tree and shoot an arrow at me? His argument was, "I bought you that scroll and you cast it on her?" I do not need to entertain him with that. Jharak casted Endure Elements upon him so he would shut up.

I will make another entry whenever we step out into the cold. May the Seldarine be with us.

Arvenadven's Journal Entry #10
Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Expedition

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Archive 1, Journal Entry 10

Year 2014, Day 199

After awaking, I went into the dining hall, and saw all of my companions, including the one that is looking like a stunning gray elf again. After minor conversation, we decided we needed to prepare for our journey ahead. I asked the druid if we could leave the city and do a walkabout in a more natural setting; so we could talk about the environment, allow his wolf to act like a wolf, and so I could pick his brain and scribe some of the magic he possesses into my prayerbook. He agreed without further adieu. The others stated they were going to make some preparations as well.

We talked about the climate, the terrain, and some of the things that we may encounter while we are there. At the same time, we spent some hours getting his form of magic into my prayerbook - for archiving purposes of course. We went back to the inn, and we both noticed Arin'Cael looked like he got stabbed. I casted Cure Light Wounds on him twice so that he would be okay. He revealed that Ama'Oro is fantastic with her rapier - I guess they had a "friendly" duel. Also, on our way back in to the city, Jharak released his wonderful wolf back into the wild. He did not want him to suffer in the Frostfell - which are probably going to do.

After Elwin found out that there was some friendly competition going on, he asked Arin'Cael if he would like to duel as well. They both agreed; as long as the duel takes place outside the city and near the trees. My superior intellect tells me that he will utilize his ability, as a forestlord elf, to pass through trees - sneaky! The terms were agreed upon. I decided to give some tactical advise to Arin'Cael about what our brethren, the forestlord elves, are capable of doing, and I said a small prayer, allowing the Seldarine to bless him with a Bear's Endurance (we want things to be fair don't we?).

All of us decided to watch this duel, and Jharak used the power of nature to give Arin'Cael a Bull's Strength. But I do not believe the spellcasting would have made any difference. The duel ended up being over so fast that Elwin hardly seemed to be able to draw his bow. Arin'Cael, with seemingly blinding speed, rushed towards him, and in one motion drew his dagger and plunged it hard into Elwin... and Elwin conceded. I used one of the scrolls that the priest of St. Cuthbert gave me and casted Cure Moderate Wounds on him to heal him up. Still being slightly wounded, he told the Princess that if she would heal him all the way, then he would be willing to duel her. As if madness is a disease that only Jharak and I had not contracted, her highness agreed.

Feeling a bit sorry for Elwin, I quickly gave him some of the finer points of tactical advice regarding her fey heritage. I also maded a 50 silver wager to Jharak that Elwin would succeed over Princess Amaika. He agreed. This time, though, Elwin began the duel, being backed up against a tree... I think I have an idea of what is going to happen.

The duel began with her majesty drawing her longsword and charging toward Elwin, and smacking him hard with the flat side of her blade. That really seemed to hurt him, but, he regained his composure and "tree walked" to the top of the tree he had his back against. Seemingly frustrated, the princess first began to turn around and walk off, until an arrow hit her in the shoulder. This enraged her and she began to climb the tree towards Elwin. The only problem though, these arrows were direct hits. It is almost as if he was really trying to kill her. This really shocked all of us. She continued to climb and she took another arrow, hitting her very hard in the chest area. Arin'Cael, sensing the depravity, pulled out a dagger and flung it towards Elwin, I believe hitting him with it. I noticed the Princess losing consciousness, and not wanting her to hit the ground head first and possibly breaking her neck, I ran towards her getting ready to catch her in my arms. Jharak was also upset, and with the forces of nature in his grasp, he began to Call Lightning and directed a bolt to strike Elwin for his cowardly moves. I caught the Princess when she fell, but oh dear Seldarine she is heavier than she looks. Rather than really catching her, it was more like breaking her fall with me being pinned beneath her. She has really got to watch what she is eating.

Elwin yelled that he is sorry and that he is finished, and climbed out of the tree, Jharak helped the Princess Amaika off of me, and frowningly gave me 50 silver coins (technically I did win the wager). With all of us standing there looking at each other I felt really disgusted.

I told everyone that they are all losing their minds. I told them that we are not used to such luxurious city life and that we are suffering from a type of cabin fever. I then stated that an Archmage should not need a few days to prepare for anything and that he must make an exception for us. We are elves damn it! And nearly killing each other to satisfy some sort of bloodlust is something the Orcs would do, not us. I believe I got my point across and we all walked back into the city.

We all made it back to the Archmage's place, and after Princess Amaika using some of her powers of Diplomacy, the apprentice that was seeing to us, went and talked to the Archmage. Apparently, he would help us out early for a small fee. We all waited in the waiting room until dark. The Archmage did show up, and he did sense our need for urgency, and opened a gate for us to all pass through, and arrive at the cabin in the woods. We thanked him, and left Avalon.

It was dark. It was cold. We saw the cabin. I told everyone we should probably sleep through the predator filled darkness and begin anew in the morning. Everyone agreed. You know, I find that I am never wrong, and other are only right when they agree with me. We all used our bedrolls and made our bunks for the night. I, naturally, made my bunk next to Ama'Oro. I mean, why not? I put my Cloak of Elvenkind over us to "hide" us from all of the others. It is late. I need to sleep. I will write a new entry in the morning.

Elwin's Adventure Log #1
Seekers of the Misty Isle

Captain's Log

Stardate: 2014.07.24

Weather: Nice

So shortly after we laid down for the night in this amazing hotel I realized that Arvenadven Trafdureth has always been writing in that stupid journal of his so I walked to a store and picked up a blank notebook of my own; to try it out and see if i write in this will help me with plotting for the future, by keeping a record of my past from this day forward.

So I will start with this day after stepping thru the portal we were brought to a nice field and in the far off distance i could see what looked like a very large town. Then i turn around and i see Princess Amaika Woodsoul. Wondering where everyone else was i figured it would be a goos idea but Princess Amaika Woodsoul did not think so. after argueing for about 6 mins i herd the voices of Arin'Cael Iaikae'Utulien,Arvenadven Trafdureth, and Jharak Greensleeves. i turned around and i saw a beautiful grey elf. i introduced myself and she said that her name was Ama'oro Eirtahl and she was part of the group that we found on the toher side of the portal. "BOOBIES." i lookd and Jharak Greensleeves was drooling over her what a moron is all i could think. after all was said and done i learned that Jharak Greensleeves had fell into the river stixx. i laughed and said what a moron. we headed towards avalon and asked around for someone that could help with our problem.after learning about archmage callindrill " Dr. Callindrill " we headed to him.

when we arrived where was the most beautiful red head. i mean wow what i would do for a night with her. but getting back on track she went and got the dr after telling her what had happened to out now idiot friend. The Dr. said he had something but it would cost us. i asked what the price was. He said all he needed was six hairs of a nymph. my first reaction was to pull out a handful of Princess Amaika Woodsoul. but befor i could he corrected himself and said a royal nymph. "DAMN" there rules i thought to myself.

he pulled out a contract and said that if he wanted us to have him help our friend that we had to sigh the contract. i asked if there was any rules to how he got the job done. he told me that all we had to do was get the hairs and that was it. so i sighed the paper. Oh i forgot that he did this amazinf hold spell on Jharak Greensleeves. Man i wish i knew how to do that i could have so much fun with him. after Princess Amaika Woodsoul signed the paper he force him to drink the potion and he was back to normal so we met up with the rest of our group. We learned that Ama'oro Eirtahl had connections in this town and new someone that could port us to Princess Amaika Woodsoul village to acquire the hairs that we needed.

We headed there and payed for portal there and back. Away we went back in wyrmwood. after a short walk we ran it the sister of Princess Amaika Woodsoul damn the is beautiful. Princess Amaika Woodsoul asked her sister for a few hairs and she sold her that she was to beautiful and that all of her hairs were needed to add even more beauty. That is when i spotted them three hairs on her dress. i used my quick reactions and grabbed them. She did spot me tho damn i wasnt fast enough but she never made me give them back. that is when the idiot Jharak Greensleeves spoke up and convinced her to give him the hairs if he would do one thing. she whispered in his ear i was not able to make out what she said but i would soon find out.

Jharak Greensleeves said ok and headed over to a bush and took off all his cloths tucked his junk wadded over to the river and said hey pretty lady look at me while jumping into the pond. he startled her and she froze him in place . man i was lauging so hard and so was Princess Amaika Woodsoul sister oh boy was that funny. then i thought this should be sheared with everyone and ran towards his backpack knowing that the scroll to return was in his bag. after i got there and pulled it out i am guessing that Princess Amaika Woodsoul knew what i was thinking as she bull rushed me and knocked me five feet into the pond. what i pain in my ass all i wanted to do was have some fun. so i stood up and opened up the scroll when Princess Amaika Woodsoul overpowered me and took it from me. i used my fast reactions to spin the scroll around and see the word on the scroll as i was about to say it Princess Amaika Woodsoul ran over to Jharak Greensleeves stuff as i said it poof we appeared in the middle of avalon i turned and Jharak Greensleeves was still naked and tucked i dropped to my knees laughing. i was laughing so hard i was about to cry. man on man was tat funny. after Jharak Greensleeves became unstunned and put his cloths on we went and met up with the group to let them know we were back. and just when i thought it couldn't get any better the sheriff cam in to the library to talk to Jharak Greensleeves about being naked once again i thought it was the best thing ever. now we went to give the Dr. his hairs and after we did he gave us five coins so we could go into the amazing part of town. and this is where my story leaves off. Until next entry...

Arvenadven's Journal Entry #9
Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Expedition

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Archive 1, Journal Entry 9

Year 2014, Day 198

After arriving at Avalon, I immediately went to a library to begin researching The River Styx so that I could reaffirm what I already knew. I also assisted Ama'oro with her research, as she (and her former companions) is also looking for the Misty Isle. Arin'Cael stayed with us; gray elves sticking together! The others went to find a way to get Jharak healed of his feeblemindedness.

Hours of research later, we all met back up at the Inn that we agreed to meet at. Allegedly, the others teleported back to Avalon and Jharak was completely naked. Needless to say, a run in with the law and a 50 gold piece fine later, we all did indeed meet back up.

We learned that a "key" to the Misty Isle was rumored to be at an ancient temple to the Orc deity, Gruumsh, that is located in the frozen lands of the north, known as Frostfell. So we would have to make our journey there. I also remembered the portals, and that they are a danger to many. I needed to report this to the authorities. Princess Amaika suggested I speak to the Archmage that they all have been dealing with (concerning the removal of the feeblemindedness of Jharak). This readily perked my interest and we made our way to him.

He did not seem to be bothered with my account, until I mentioned the other connections the gateway had. When I mentioned the portal in Wyrmwood, and the abyssal runes that named Avalon, New Avalon, Newport, and Rome, specifically; He seemed to become very concerned. He asked to scry upon my memories, and I allowed him as such.

After learning all that he needed from my memories, he gaves us all tokens for a temporary stay in Upper City, and a small sack of platinum coins to stay at the Inn of Two Towers - a rather luxurious place. I stated I needed to go to a temple of St. Cuthbert. Arin'Cael decided to go to his room instead and Ama'oro declined - she said she would not feel comfortable going there. The others decided to accompany me. Maybe my gray elven companions know something I do not?

Upon arrival to the Cuthbertine temple, you could feel the tension in the air immediately. I expected this. Their extremely zealous nature and strict comformance to Law and Order make most of us "people of the wood" a little uneasy. I explained that I would like to discuss business with a clergyman. What came out to speak with me was an extremely battle hardened individual with a beard as gray as my eyes. He was very direct and to the point. I followed suit.

First I revealed that I had a sample of the River Styx, and they could perhaps use this for study or for whatever uses they would like. I also told them of my experiences with the portals and of the demons that imprisoned me at the River Styx. Now, this really got his attention. I could literally see his expression change when he heard the word demon. He scried upon my memories, and rewarded this knowledge with divine scrolls. I thanked him for the scrolls (that is what I was really after anyway). And we were all off.

Upon our arrival to the Inn of Two Towers, word came to us all that Arin'Cael was having a party. I respectffully declined. I have a lot of scribing to do. In the meantime, I knocked on the door of Ama'oro. She allowed me entry. I told her that I learned of rumors that her elven house has had dealings with demons in the past (Princess Amaika told me that). She said that yes, there are rumors concerning her house such as that. So I asked if they were true. She said she did not know. I was inclined to believe her. After I apologized for being so inquisitive, she decided to make a revelation. She showed me her true appearance.

She was just as beautiful as she always has been, however her skin tone was slightly more red she had wings. LEATHERY BAT-LIKE WINGS! I was without words. She revealed the truth behind the ancient dealing with demons her house has been rumored to have. I told her that I thank her for the truth, and that it is not my business to spread her business with others. When she feels necessary to reveal such information, then it is up to her to do so. I told her I am just a man that does not like not knowing things, and I really wanted to know who I was talking to. She seemed to understand. I thanked her again, and said I needed to get back to my room. I want to prove to her that I can be a gentleman, and not a person that would take advantage of a vulnerable moment. Although I do sort of wish she asked me to stay - no matter. I have to tend to my prayerbook. There will be time and time again, for other, personal moments.


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