New Silverymoon



Founded in Year 1992 as a small village by traveling Wood Elves, it became a refugee city for elves all over the Oerth around Year 1996 after the Warchief Ruut and his Orcish Horde began a campaign of genocide against the Elves of the High Forest. Emperor Commodus and his Roman Legions had similar conquests in the southern continents, and committed acts of genocide against the Elves of Sandstorm.

After Cormyr, Silverymoon, Sandstorm, The High Forest, and various other largely populous cities of elves globally began to fall, survivors of each race and region formed a pact and retreated into Wyrmwood to seek refuge from the atrocities befalling them. Under the Forestlord Pact, the Pact of Ravnica, and the Wood Binding Pact, it was agreed that the temporary lodging area would be built into New Silverymoon; as the small clearings in the canopy overhead allowed perfect illuminations of moonlight throughout.


New Silverymoon is located near the central area of Wyrmwood. Its vast trees and wildlife, along with rock formations and hills, provide ample cover and defense. Nearby streams provide a fresh water supply. The flora is extremely diverse, from fruit bearing bushes, to edible molds and fungi.



The majority of the denizens of New Silverymoon are the race of elves that were prosecuted the most, the High Elves. As they were the most populace, they also suffered the most casualties. There are more High Elven surviving refugees as a direct result. Gray Elves are a close runner-up. Closely behind them are the other races of elves. There are about as many Half-Elves are there are full blooded elves; typically surviving children or survivors of rape victims. Other minorities are different types of Fey, which has always been a constant in elven civilizations.


Although Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Copper coins are still circulated throughout New Silverymoon; primarily for trade with Goodhaven, bartering has become a very strong sense of exchange for goods. Volunteer employment and volunteer education has become a strong sense of currency. It is not uncommon to see a teacher offer free education to a merchants children in order to purchase goods. A sense of community has sprung up in these harsh times that has been unseen for at least a thousand years in the lives of elves. Profit and greed are almost non-existent.

Culture and Contemporary Life

The Wood Elves have always had a culture in Wyrmwood. As long as Wyrmwood has been a forest, the Wood Elves have lived in it. Due to the Forestlord pact, Forestlord Elves and Half-Elves have also maintained a strong presence in Wyrmwood. It is only until more recent times that a strong presence of other elves have been established in Wyrmwood. Life has become extremely simple and focused. Tradition has always been a mainstay among elves everywhere. The elves of New Silverymoon have been focusing on what matters most: Family, Education, and Divinity. The typical day of a coming of age elf includes university of arts and science, martial training with sword and bow, and attending the temple of the Seldarine. Getting the future generations ready for this world are on the minds of all elderly elves in New Silverymoon.


Competitions in Archery and Swordsmanship have always been a mainstay. But with a little more time amongst themselves as a community, practitioners of the arcane have created a new sport of Arcane Armwrestling. Horseback riding as well as Acrobatics and Tree Climbing have become more and more popular in their new forest homes.


Surrounded by natural reserves of astounding natural beauty, a simple walk through the forest is considered recreation enough for most elves. Others concentrate on reading and learning. Others concentrate on swordplay and bowmanship. Elves live an extremely long time, and because of that, their ideas of fun and recreation aren’t what many of the shorter lived races can call the same. Many elves “have fun” watching plants grow, or have fun in arcane debates over proper applications of a spell… something an average human would see as a waste of time.

Law and Government

Natural Law and Divine Law has become more prevalent in New Silverymoon. The elves found it easier and more relatable to allow the priests and druids to decide what was best for the people. The druids, rangers, and clerics of nature deities ensure than New Silverymoon maintains its balance with Wyrmwood and does not intrude more than it already has. The clerics, adepts, and paladins of the Seldarine ensure that there is a happy medium that does not violate each other’s ethos. The masters of the arcane also advise and monitor arcane activity, and ensure no one does anything to grossly violate an agreement that was made as to never cause another Spellplague.


The University of New Silverymoon was sponsored and built by the Paragnostic Assembly. With the massive influx of youth settling into New Silverymoon, education was on the forefront of the survivors’ minds. Below are listed typical fields of study:

Funding can be provided in gold, in service, or in bartering. The University of New Silverymoon also stands as an archive of elven history and knowledge – all that could be saved from destruction.


All inhabitants of New Silverymoon have adequate housing. Streams and Springs provide fresh water. Waste Disposal consists of caravans, provided by druids, to Golgarya. Arcane energies amplify natural light, so sunlight and moonlight that come in through the canopies are enhanced. Rules of Law are kept within the Seldarinian, a built up Temple of True Aim to accommodate all of the Elven Pantheon. Transportation is provided by horseback when possible. Small carts and wagons help the transport of goods. Those with the ability also maneuver via arcane methods – although a spellward mythal is being contemplated to prevent teleportation arcane energies (the elders don’t want powerful invaders to simply teleport themselves in). Communication is also provided from simple message runners to arcane methods.

Notable People

The oldest gray elf known to be alive, High Archmage Afghairon Redleaf, resides in New Silverymoon. Being hailed as High Guardian and Arcane Protector – he was instrumental in gathering as much refugees as possible in a very quick amount of time, and also helping with negotiations of the fey within Wyrmwood to allow settlement. Current Seekers of the Misty Isle are also very notable. All elves consider their service an extremely noble act. They are Princess Amaika Woodsoul, the daughter of a Wood Elf Nobleman and Nymph Queen; Arin’Cael Iaikae’Utulien, a gray elf that escaped the fall of the High Forest and spent the last 20 years on a continent known as Rokugan; Arvenadven Trafdureth, a Gray Elven scholar of the Paragnostic Assembly and dual practitioner of divine and arcane arts; Jharak Greensleeves, a Forestlord Elf druid and guardian of the Forestlord Pact; Elwin Luvare, another Forestlord Elf whose proficiency with the bow has enabled him to become an initiate of the Order of the Bow; and Ama’oro Eirtahl, a Fey’ri who has rejected the evil side of the demonic blood flowing within her veins.

New Silverymoon

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