Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elwin's Adventure Log #1

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Captain's Log

Stardate: 2014.07.24

Weather: Nice

So shortly after we laid down for the night in this amazing hotel I realized that Arvenadven Trafdureth has always been writing in that stupid journal of his so I walked to a store and picked up a blank notebook of my own; to try it out and see if i write in this will help me with plotting for the future, by keeping a record of my past from this day forward.

So I will start with this day after stepping thru the portal we were brought to a nice field and in the far off distance i could see what looked like a very large town. Then i turn around and i see Princess Amaika Woodsoul. Wondering where everyone else was i figured it would be a goos idea but Princess Amaika Woodsoul did not think so. after argueing for about 6 mins i herd the voices of Arin'Cael Iaikae'Utulien,Arvenadven Trafdureth, and Jharak Greensleeves. i turned around and i saw a beautiful grey elf. i introduced myself and she said that her name was Ama'oro Eirtahl and she was part of the group that we found on the toher side of the portal. "BOOBIES." i lookd and Jharak Greensleeves was drooling over her what a moron is all i could think. after all was said and done i learned that Jharak Greensleeves had fell into the river stixx. i laughed and said what a moron. we headed towards avalon and asked around for someone that could help with our problem.after learning about archmage callindrill " Dr. Callindrill " we headed to him.

when we arrived where was the most beautiful red head. i mean wow what i would do for a night with her. but getting back on track she went and got the dr after telling her what had happened to out now idiot friend. The Dr. said he had something but it would cost us. i asked what the price was. He said all he needed was six hairs of a nymph. my first reaction was to pull out a handful of Princess Amaika Woodsoul. but befor i could he corrected himself and said a royal nymph. "DAMN" there rules i thought to myself.

he pulled out a contract and said that if he wanted us to have him help our friend that we had to sigh the contract. i asked if there was any rules to how he got the job done. he told me that all we had to do was get the hairs and that was it. so i sighed the paper. Oh i forgot that he did this amazinf hold spell on Jharak Greensleeves. Man i wish i knew how to do that i could have so much fun with him. after Princess Amaika Woodsoul signed the paper he force him to drink the potion and he was back to normal so we met up with the rest of our group. We learned that Ama'oro Eirtahl had connections in this town and new someone that could port us to Princess Amaika Woodsoul village to acquire the hairs that we needed.

We headed there and payed for portal there and back. Away we went back in wyrmwood. after a short walk we ran it the sister of Princess Amaika Woodsoul damn the is beautiful. Princess Amaika Woodsoul asked her sister for a few hairs and she sold her that she was to beautiful and that all of her hairs were needed to add even more beauty. That is when i spotted them three hairs on her dress. i used my quick reactions and grabbed them. She did spot me tho damn i wasnt fast enough but she never made me give them back. that is when the idiot Jharak Greensleeves spoke up and convinced her to give him the hairs if he would do one thing. she whispered in his ear i was not able to make out what she said but i would soon find out.

Jharak Greensleeves said ok and headed over to a bush and took off all his cloths tucked his junk wadded over to the river and said hey pretty lady look at me while jumping into the pond. he startled her and she froze him in place . man i was lauging so hard and so was Princess Amaika Woodsoul sister oh boy was that funny. then i thought this should be sheared with everyone and ran towards his backpack knowing that the scroll to return was in his bag. after i got there and pulled it out i am guessing that Princess Amaika Woodsoul knew what i was thinking as she bull rushed me and knocked me five feet into the pond. what i pain in my ass all i wanted to do was have some fun. so i stood up and opened up the scroll when Princess Amaika Woodsoul overpowered me and took it from me. i used my fast reactions to spin the scroll around and see the word on the scroll as i was about to say it Princess Amaika Woodsoul ran over to Jharak Greensleeves stuff as i said it poof we appeared in the middle of avalon i turned and Jharak Greensleeves was still naked and tucked i dropped to my knees laughing. i was laughing so hard i was about to cry. man on man was tat funny. after Jharak Greensleeves became unstunned and put his cloths on we went and met up with the group to let them know we were back. and just when i thought it couldn't get any better the sheriff cam in to the library to talk to Jharak Greensleeves about being naked once again i thought it was the best thing ever. now we went to give the Dr. his hairs and after we did he gave us five coins so we could go into the amazing part of town. and this is where my story leaves off. Until next entry...


Very nice. Loving it. Keep it up!

Elwin's Adventure Log #1

You will find “diaries” enrich your roleplaying in ways you never realized. I added some HTML to your entry: Changed the font to look more hand written, and gave it some parchment.

Elwin's Adventure Log #1
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