Seekers of the Misty Isle

Arvenadven's Journal Entry #13

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Elven Expedition

Seekers of the Misty Isle

Archive 1, Journal Entry 13

Year 2014, Day 200

After we all regained our composure, I decided we needed a break from all of this. I had casted Rope Trick to give us all a 7 hour respite from this environment. It gave all of us a chance to regain our senses and to heal some of our wounds – both physically and mentally.

We all got into a discussion about what we should do. With almost perfect timing, a visage of High Archmage Afghairon Redleaf appeared before all of us. After giving us some helpful advice, and teaching Elwin a little lesson in humility, he left us to continue on our journey. Essentially, the Mountain King is wearing a necklace, which has a magic orb on it. The orb fits into the eye socket of a statue of Gruumsh at the temple we are supposed to find. Entities only known as “Elf Friends” are supposed to reveal themselves afterward.

A small problem is this: there are approximately 10-12 frost giants in the mountain king’s encampment. The destruction that two of them reigned down upon us was horrifying. Now we would have to deal with a dozen? We all got into a heated debate on how we should proceed. Eventually, I got through to everyone that we are not a marauding group of barbarians that will just run in there and take what we want. We have to use our brains here. We have to use… allies. The Uthgardt Barbarians are here, somewhere, and they can help us. Jharak said he can shift into a bird and scout around. I told him that many Uthgardt tribes worship their deity through totem animals. Many of the animals we may come across may in fact be a shape-shifted person. Jharak turned into a big raven – and in turn, spotted another big raven.

As Jharak got close, the raven he spotted flew down to us, and turned into the biggest human I have ever seen. After some conversation consisting of, essentially, “take us to your leader,” he wanted to “see what we were made of first.” He requested a boxing match. Bare knuckled. No protection. First one to submit or go unconscious loses, within 10 rounds of combat. If he wanted a debate, I would step up. But this time around, I stepped back. Who am I to have a bare knuckled brawl with this barbarian? Elwin said he would do it…

The barbarian did allow us to “bless” our champion. I casted Aid upon Elwin, and I believe Jharak casted Bulls Strength, Cats Grace and Barkskin. I hope he succeeds. I am writing this down now, before this contest of "who has a bigger dick," happens. My guess… the Uthgardt.


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