Aquatic Shot

Aquatic Shot

(Stormwrack, p. 90)


You have developed the technique of fi ring a ranged weapon into or through the water with better accuracy than normal, striking at just the right angle to allow it to slice through the obstruction with precision.

Prerequisite: Point Blank Shot (PH)

Benefit: You can employ ranged weapons underwater at a reduced range increment. You do not take the normal penalty for making a ranged attack through water.

Thrown Weapons: You can use thrown piercing weapons underwater, with a -2 penalty for every 5 feet of water passed through; in addition to any range increment penalties.

Missile Weapons: You can use bows and crossbows underwater with a -2 penalty for every 10 feet of water passed through, in addition to any range increment penalties.

Aquatic Longbow: You can fire an aquatic longbow (see page 107) underwater with a range increment of 30 feet. In addition, water does not provide any cover against your ranged attacks if you are out of the water and firing at a target in the water. If your weapon’s range increment is different underwater than it is above the water, count the water surface as the beginning of a new range increment, and use your underwater range increment after the point at which your weapon strikes the water.

Normal: Thrown weapons are not useable underwater. Ranged attacks through water normally receive a penalty of -2 for every 5 feet of water they pass through. An aquatic longbow has a range increment of 10 feet underwater. A target in water has improved cover or total cover against attacks from out of the water.

Aquatic Shot

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