Archery Feats

Able Sniper

+2 bonus on ranged attacks against distant flat-footed targets, +4 bonus on Hide checks after sniping attack

Aquatic Shot

You do not take the normal penalty for making a ranged attack through water


+2 bonus on attacks against flat-footed opponents

Combat Archery

You can fire a bow in melee safely

Concealed Ambush

Half penalty on hide checks to conceal yourself after sniping

Coordinated Shot

Your ranged attacks ignore cover from allies


Hide from creatures with extraordinary senses

Dead Eye

Add Dex bonus on damage rolls with ranged weapons within 30-ft.

Dead Eye Shot

Ready action to fire, denying foe Dex bonus to AC on your attack after ally hits foe

Deadly Aim

You can choose to take a –1 penalty on all ranged attack rolls to gain a +2 bonus on all ranged damage rolls

Defensive Archery

+4 dodge bonus against attacks of opportunity

Distant Shot

You may throw or fire a ranged weapon at any target within line of sight, with no penalty for range

Far Shot

Increase range increment by 50% or 100%

Greater Manyshot

You can fire each arrow at a different target instead of firing all of them at the same target

Improved Arrow of Death

Add +2 to the DC of your arrows of death

Improved Manyshot

As Manyshot, but the number of arrows you can fire is limited only by your base attack bonus

Improved Mounted Archery

Reduce or eliminate attack penalties with ranged weapon while mounted

Improved Precise Shot

Ignore less than total cover/concealment on ranged attack

Improved Rapid Shot

Ignore –2 penalty when using Rapid Shot


Shoot two or more arrows simultaneously

Mounted Archery

Half penalty for ranged attacks while mounted

Penetrating Shot

Your ranged attack targets every foe in 60-ft. line

Plunging Shot

Deal an additional 1d6 points of damage against targets

Point Blank Shot

+1 bonus on ranged attack and damage within 30 ft.

Precise Shot

No –4 penalty for shooting into melee

Ranged Disarm

Use ranged weapon to disarm foe within 30 feet

Ranged Pin

Use ranged weapon to grapple foe within 30 feet

Ranged Sunder

Use ranged weapon to sunder foe’s weapon at reduced damage penalty

Ranged Weapon Mastery

Gain Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization benefits with multiple weapons

Rapid Shot

One extra ranged attack each round

Ready Shot

You can ready an action to fire a ranged weapon at a foe who charges you

Sense Weakness

You may ignore up to 5 points of the target’s damage reduction


Halve opponent’s cover bonus

Shot on the Run

Move before and after ranged attack

Swarm of Arrows

You may fire an arrow at your full base attack bonus at each opponent within 30 feet.

Uncanny Accuracy

You can ignore any cover bonus to the target’s AC

Woodland Archer

See feat description

Plunging Shot

Deal extra 1d6 damage to opponents 30-ft. lower than you

Zen Archery

Use Wis instead of Dex for ranged attacks

Archery Feats

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