Aquatic Half-Elf

Half-Aquatic Elves

Regions: Aglarond, Dragon Coast, Impiltur, Sembia, Vilhon Reach.

Racial Feats: Water Adaptation.

Half-aquatic elves have no real society of their own. Born of human and sea elf blood, they are extremely rare, since sea elves rarely venture into human lands. Normally they live alone or in small groups along the shore, or they simply take up life in a human coastal community.

Half-aquatic elves have pale green skin. Their hair can be any human color, but it usually has a faint green or blue cast to it. As they age, their hair becomes blue-silver. They have slight webbing between their fingers and toes, making them excellent swimmers.

Although they cannot breathe water like their aquatic elf ancestors, half-aquatic elves feel drawn to the sea. If they seem distant or aloof, it’s not because they’re ignoring someone on purpose. They’re always listening to the roar of the nearby surf, or imagining its sound if they travel far from the sea. Half-aquatic elves reach the age of majority at 20 years old and can live over to be over 180 years in age. Since aquatic elves are larger and heavier than most elves, half-aquatic elves have the same height and weight characteristics as a full-blooded human.


Half-aquatic elves do not have a history as a subrace. They are simply too rare to ever form a community larger than a thorp on their own, and even these are almost unheard of. Half-aquatic elves (or the rare family of half-elves) only meet a handful of other half-aquatic elves in the course of their lives.


Forced by nature to remain with her air-breathing parent, a half-aquatic elf is cut off (except for short visits) from any aquatic elves with whom she could identify, costing her half of her heritage. Where some people with such an unusual heritage would become bitter outcasts, half-aquatic elves instead tend to be dreamers, content to keep their own company but not resentful of their circumstances. Their human neighbors know much less about aquatic elves than humans in other places know of land-bound elves, and therefore have little reason to fear the half-aquatic elf’s elven blood.


Half-aquatic elves display the half-elven flexibility out of necessity, for their heritage is forever divided against itself. Often loners, half-aquatic elves tend to be rogues, sorcerers, or fighters.

Favored Class: The highest class a half-aquatic elf has is considered her favored class.

Prestige Classes: Half-aquatic elves can use any prestige classes open to humans. They also have access to the arcane archer, spellslinger, and bladesinger prestige classes.

Half-Aquatic Elf Society

Most half-aquatic elves hail from a beach culture. As children, they often get their sea legs on the family fishing boat. Some such elves are fortunate to have aquatic elf parents who care about them and visit them regularly. When they are on the sea, these children have a guardian angel watching them from the depths.

When half-aquatic elves reach the age of majority—and often before that—they are drawn to the sea. They often work on fishing boats or as pearl divers. They can swim much faster than a human, although not even half as fast as a true sea elf, so they find that employment in and around the water suits them well. As they get older, half-aquatic elves find themselves drawn more and more to the serenity of the sea. More than one half-aquatic elf has been found alone in her boat, having passed away from old age while fishing once again.

Language and Literacy

Half-aquatic elves speak Common, Elven, and the human tongue of their home region. All half-aquatic elves are literate except for barbarians, commoners, and warriors.

Abilities and Racial Features

Half-aquatic elves have all the half-elven racial traits listed in the Player’s Handbook, except as follows:

  • Swim speed 15 feet. An aquatic half-elf gains a +8 racial bonus on all Swim checks and can always choose to take 10 with Swim checks, even if rushed or threatened. Aquatic half-elves can use the run action while swimming, as long as they swim in a straight line.
  • Sea Longing: A half-aquatic elf who remains out of sight of the sea for more than a tenday longs for the sea, suffering a –1 penalty on Wisdom-based checks until she returns to the shore.
  • Favored Class: Any.
  • Automatic Languages: Elven, Common, Home Region. Bonus Languages: Any (except secret languages, such as Druidic).

Half-Aquatic Elf Magic and Lore

Half-aquatic elves can use the racial spells of both humans and elves. They have no spellcasting traditions of their own. However, half-aquatic elf clerics often choose Water or Ocean as one of their domains. Similarly, half-aquatic elf wizards usually concentrate on water-oriented spells. Water breathing is a true favorite, as it allows the half-aquatic elf to visit the world of her watery heritage, even if only for a little while.

Half-Aquatic Elf Deities

Half-aquatic elves can choose any human or elven deity as a patron. Many who have contact with their aquatic kin worship Deep Sashelas, the elven god of the deeps. Deep Sashelas is even said to bless unions between sea elves and humans because they often lead to a greater understanding between these two peoples.

A small number of evil half-aquatic elves venerate Umberlee as their patron. However, all half-aquatic elves respect and fear this capricious goddess, like any who earn their living from the sea. She seems to have a fondness for playing with the lives of half-aquatic elves, these individuals caught between the airy world and the one below.

Relations with Other Races

Half-aquatic elves get along with most of the common races. They usually prefer the company of humans, but they find elves of all sorts fascinating. They enjoy the company of dwarves, gnomes, and halflings as well, and they don’t even mind halforcs. Like their aquatic elf parents, they loathe sahuagin and other evil creatures of the sea.

Half-Aquatic Elf Equipment

Half-aquatic elves have no unusual racial equipment of their own. However, they can make use of any equipment or weapons special to humans or elves. They have a special affinity for the weapons of aquatic elves, including spears, nets, and tridents.


Half-aquatic elves keep animals or pets as often as any seafaring humans. Aboard ship, they prefer cats. They like to play with fish and sea mammals in the surf, but they rarely domesticate such creatures.

Aquatic Half-Elf

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