Regions: Sun elf (although the fey’ri hate sun elves, that’s where their heritage lies).

Racial Feats: Deepening Darkness, Enervative Healing, Fiendish Bloodline, Improved Energy Resistance, Spell-Like Ability Focus.

Level Adjustment: +2 or +3 (see below).

The result of four noble houses of sun elves breeding with demons in an attempt to strengthen their bloodline, fey’ri are a type of planetouched that breeds true among their own kind. Marked by their fiendish blood, fey’ri are unique among most planetouched in that they have a self-sustaining community, so they are raised among their own kind. Because of this, young fey’ri do not suffer the feelings of ostracism that other planetouched do despite growing up among creatures with strong fiendish blood. Most fey’ri is evil, but a few are able to shrug off the fiendish taint’s influence on their behavior and emulate some small part of the innate good nature of the elves.

Fey’ri is the descendants of sun elves and demons (usually succubae in male or female form). Having bred with these demons and among their own kind, fey’ri is a distinct race and shares the same common fiendish traits. In general form they resemble sun elves, although all have large bat like wings. They all have one or more unusual features reflecting their fiendish heritage, such as: fiery red eyes fine scales all over the skin long pointed tails bat like ears deep red skin Fey’ri are obviously different from normal elves and would quickly be killed by most other elves if discovered.

Luckily for them, their demonic bloodline gives them several abilities, including the ability to change their shape. Thus they can pass freely among other creatures without causing an alarm. There may be other fey’ri in Faerûn other than those allied with House Dlardrageth, but since the likelihood of an elf breeding with a demon is very small, such an individual would be essentially unique outside these four elven houses. The rest of this section assumes Dlardrageth fey’ri are the subject matter. Fey’ri has the same life expectancy and age categories as a sun elf.


Thousands of years ago, the sun elves of House Dlardrageth (in what is now the forest of Cormanthor) secretly bred with succubae to strengthen their bloodline. Although they were eventually discovered and imprisoned in a series of caverns, before their confinement they allied with three minor noble houses of the elven nation of Siluvanede in the High Forest. These nobles acquired caches of Dlardrageth magic items and bred with demons as well, using these items and their fiendish powers to strike out at their enemies. These nobles were defeated and magically imprisoned in the Dlardrageth cache sites.

Three Dlardrageth half-fiends were accidentally released when Hellgate Keep was destroyed in 1369 DR. When they broke through the magical seals on their armories they were surprised to find the descendants of their allies from Siluvanede within. Now freed, the planetouched elves joined with their old allies and began to enact their long-awaited plans.

The fey’ri associated with House Dlardrageth originally numbered less than 60. Since their release, some of this fey’ri has broken from their families, trying to find a place in the world after centuries of magical imprisonment.


Most fey’ri lives for revenge. They feel wronged by other elves, particularly moon elves, and superior to all other races (as befits their lineage, which ties them to the ancient elven kingdoms that predate human civilization). While their plans for revenge unfold, they wish to restore the glory of the elven empires with themselves at their head, not realizing that their fiendish taint has corrupted the sun elf qualities that they prize the most. Individual fey’ri complies with these goals, knowing that their half-fiend rulers are too powerful to challenge and feeling that they themselves have been punished unfairly by the moon elves with their too-long magical imprisonment. The fey’ri, also suffer from unfamiliarity with the changes to the world and are still learning about its current state. A fey’ri is patient, calculating, and suspicious, but her fiendish blood makes her prone to undeserved acts of cruelty and rage.

Of special note are the fey’ri that have chosen to leave the banner of House Dlardrageth. The members of the house considered this renegade fey’ri a great risk to their plans, for the Dlardrageth nobles know their numbers are too small to survive a concerted effort to eradicate them—they must act in secrecy, or risk discovery and death. This makes any renegade fey’ri a creature marked for death by the entire house. Since Countess Sarya Dlardrageth (CE female half-fiend sun elf Sor18) is a powerful spell caster, these renegades must be even more cautious than their isolated kin, or they could be discovered and destroyed.

Fey’ri are usually chaotic evil. Some hear an echo of their elven heritage and are chaotic neutral, and a few may be entirely neutral. None have yet been found who are lawful or good.


Fey’ri blood practically overflows with sorcerous power, so many fey’ri characters become sorcerers. Those who don’t become rogues or fighters, although a fair number are sorcerer/rogues or sorcerer/fighters.

Favored Class: A fey’ri’ s favored class is sorcerer. Their demonic bloodline and the type of magical training they get pushes fey’ri to develop as sorcerers instead of wizards (the typical sort of magic a true sun elf practices).

Prestige Classes: Fey’ri sorcerers often aspire to become archmages, while those of a more martial bent consider becoming ranger/blackguards or rogue/assassins. Because fey’ri have elven blood, the arcane archer prestige class is open to them as well.

Fey’ri Society

Fey’ri society is very close-knit. They are all close relations, and so each fey’ri has a very good idea how each of his or her family members would react to a situation. Yet they have a subtle loathing for each other, both because their elven nature rejects the taint of their kin and because their demonic ancestors are so chaotic and rebellious that they find it difficult to work together. As a result, fey’ri society is based on power and fear—power to make your commands obeyed, fear that your superiors could destroy you if you fail to comply. House Dlardrageth is a house that cannot stand the test of time, and the only reason it has lasted as long as it has is the magic that imprisoned its members for centuries. In the next hundred years, it is likely that the fey’ri will scatter across Faerûn, creating their own pockets of evil, possibly accompanied by near-adult offspring. Until that time, this group of evil-tainted but magically powerful elves has the potential to incite a great slaughter of their enemies.

Language and Literacy

Fey’ri speak Common, Elven, and Abyssal. Individuals often learn Gnoll, Goblin, and Sylvan because of the creatures that did and still do live in the High Forest. Fey’ri spell casters usually learn Draconic to acquire magic from old sources. All fey’ri are literate (none of the demon fey are barbarians).

Abilities and Racial Features

Fey’ri have the following racial traits:

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, –2 Constitution. Fey’ri are quick and smart, but their inbreeding makes them weak.
  • Medium-size.
  • Fey’ri land speed is 30 feet. When in their winged form, they may fly at a speed of 40 feet with a maneuverability rating of Poor.
  • Darkvision up to 60 feet.
  • Low-light vision: Fey’ri can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
  • Immunity to magic sleep spells and effects.
  • +2 racial bonus on Will saves against enchantment spells and effects.
  • Alter self (Sp): Fey’ri can use alter self at will to assume any humanoid form, and can remain in that form indefinitely.
  • +2 racial bonus on Bluff, Hide, Listen, Search, and Spot checks.
  • Elven Blood: For all special abilities and effects, a fey’ri is considered an elf. Fey’ri, for example, can use or create elven weapons and magic items with racially specific elven powers as if they were elves.
  • Outsider: Fey’ri are native outsiders.
  • Demonic Abilities: Every fey’ri has four special abilities drawn from the following list: charm person (Sp) 1/day, clairaudience/clairvoyance (Sp) 1/day, damage reduction 10/+1*, darkness (Sp) 1/day, detect thoughts (Sp) 1/day, dimension door* (Sp) 1/day, enervation* (Sp) 1/day, fire resistance 10, suggestion (Sp) 1/day, +2 racial bonus on saves against electricity, or +2 racial bonus on saves against poison. Fey’ri spell-like abilities use the fey’ri’ s character level for their effect. The DC is Charisma based. A fey’ri can only have one ability from the list that is marked with an asterisk (*), and any fey’ri with one of these three abilities has a higher level adjustment than a fey’ri without one.
  • Level Adjustment: +2. Fey’ri are slightly more powerful and gain levels more slowly than the common races of Faerûn. This is because the elders of House Dlardrageth bred for immediate power at the expense of long-term ability. Fey’ri with damage reduction or the dimension door or enervation spell-like abilities have a level adjustment of +3 instead of +2. See Table 1 in the Introduction for more information.

Fey’ri Magic and Lore

Fey’ri draw upon the ancient lore of the sun elves. They favor three primary schools of magic: Conjuration, Evocation, and Transmutation.


Fey’ri like to use conjuration spells to summon fiendish creatures to fight their enemies, relying upon their knowledge of the Abyssal tongue to give their servant creature’s complex commands. Mage armor is a common spell known by fey’ri sorcerers.

Evocation spells appeal to the destructive, chaotic nature that hums within every fey’ri’ s blood.

However, they still are reluctant to harm their forest home, even if it would allow them to eliminate a large number of their hated moon elf enemies, so area-affecting spells are used cautiously if trees might be harmed. Fey’ri are fond of fire and electricity spells, since many of their own kind are resistant to those energies and they need not be very cautious when targeting foes engaged in melee with their allies.

Transmutation spells are used to enhance their combat abilities.

Fey’ri are fond of bull’s strength, cat’s grace, and endurance to enhance their strengths or compensate for their weaknesses, and spells such as haste and slow are always useful.


As they are descended from ancient elven families, the fey’ri have access to typical elven magic items and the knowledge needed to make them. Boots of elven kind, cloaks of elven kind, keen weapons, oath bows, and magical elven chainmail are items commonly used by fey’ri.

Fey’ri Deities

Because of their taint and their alignment change, most fey’ri no longer worship the good elven deities of the Seldarine. However, unlike tieflings, they rarely worship demons, preferring true deities rather than powerful agents of their own fiendish bloodlines.

The foul creature known as Ghaunadaur manifested to one of the elders of House Floshin nearly a century ago, and since that time the worship of Ghaunadaur has grown to encompass most of the fey’ri associated with House Dlardrageth. The fact that most of these sun elves now worship a drow deity is evidence of how corrupt they have become.

Fenmarel Mestarine lives on the outskirts of the elven pantheon and, as the god of elven outcasts and those who live away from others, he appeals to the rare neutral fey’ri. A few have started to worship him in secret, hoping to learn the secrets of survival in modern Faerûn but not wishing to draw the ire of their family members who worship Ghaunadaur.

Shevarash, an elven deity consumed by bitterness and a thirst for revenge against the drow, also has some small appeal to the fey’ri. While some fey’ri whisper his name in secret, he considers them as vile as the drow and does not reward them for their worship.

Relations with Other Races

Fey’ri of Dlardrageth wish to recruit more sun elves into their breeding program, but hold no love for any other kind of elf, including drow. They have a sun elf’s disdain for all other humanoid races, regardless of philosophy or politics, and particularly see humans as pretentious upstarts that have only acquired civilization on the ruins of elven kingdoms. Fey’ri are indifferent toward genasi. Their demonic blood recoils from the celestially tainted presence of aasimar, making them natural enemies. They see tieflings as interesting potential allies, less worthy than a fey’ri or a sun elf, but certainly more valuable than a normal human.

Renegade fey’ri form their own opinions of other races, but their views are colored by their families’ prejudice and they have difficulty dealing with elves other than sun elves. Of all non-elves, they feel the closest to tieflings, for they too know the touch of evil and the desire to live a life not defined by their heritage.

Fey’ri Equipment

Fey’ri prefer traditional elven equipment and often refuse to use items of non-elven make. They especially favor mithral chain shirts and elven chainmail, since these armors are light enough to be worn while flying.


House Dlardrageth’s original heraldic device had a feathered phoenix, Aelorothi’s a swan, Ealoeth’s a pair of pegasi, and Floshin’s a two-headed griffon. The fey’ri sometimes tame or enspell fiendish creatures of these types to serve as steeds or animal companions, although they have no special affinity for them.


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