Savreree (‘abomination’)

It is unthinkable, an abomination and deadly sin against everything that elves hold dear, but it tends to happen. A savreree is born when misfortune strikes at an elf who was violated by an orc. Elves hold the widespread belief that only the humans’ promiscuity may nurture the corrupted seed of an orc, but they believe this as the truth is unthinkable for them, for bearing the cursed child of an orcish marauder is too much of a nightmare for an elf woman. Savreree are rare in the extreme, their birth stacked against the incredible odds that an orcish raid may be so successful that the raiders would impregnate an elf female and let her live, that the seed finds hold, that the child is carried to healthy term and is not aborted through magic or natural means and, finally, that the child is not murdered upon his arrival on this world.

Savreree are seen as a curse by all elvenkind; the elven parent is usually driven to madness and exiled by the community, alone to raise the child. Even the most accepting of elven communities will see the savreree as a blight, an evil omen that their god frowns upon them so much that he let this indignity come to pass. The elven half-orc, for his part, will never know peace or acceptance. Rather than marvelling at the miracle of their birth, most savreree that survive to adulthood commit suicide, unable to cope with the sheer impossibility of their existence.


Savreree are seen as abominations both by elves and orcs, although the attitudes are almost diametrically opposed. Ironically, the savreree find a more welcoming upbringing amongst orcs, who call them ‘grush’takr’ in their primitive tongue, the term a form of gloat, rather than derision of its elvish equivalent. Whereas the abomination is seen as a shame and a defeat by elves, it is considered a victory amongst orcs. These orcs will treat the grush’takr with the same or even more brutality than they reserve for half-orcs of human stock, but at least they give them a chance to prove themselves useful for the tribe, unlike elves, who see the poor child as blight upon their very faith.

Even more than other half-orcs, savreree will take the first opportunity to escape their household, whether to escape from the hatred and condescending pity of elves or the brutal mistreatment of orcs.

Player Character Information

Savreree characters have the following characteristics:

Personality: The savreree are the most tortured amongst the varieties of half-orcs; children of two races that hate each other with timeless passion, there is no way for him to reconcile his two natures. He is torn between his elven serenity and his orcish savagery, with every path they seek in their quest of a middle ground leading more often to greater torment than to peace of mind. Bitter and paranoid, a savreree has every reason to believe that nobody will accept him for what he is and so he indulges in whatever impulse takes hold of him at the moment, whether it is a wild joy in sensual excess, quiet contemplation or bloodthirsty rage.

Physical Description: Savreree have a very unique appearance that befuddles anyone who discounts the viability of an elf-orc mating. They are shorter than humans, but just as corpulent, with pale, greyish skin and tuffs of odd-coloured hair that goes from green to white, with equal possibility of black and brown tints. Their almond-shaped eyes are set deep in their skulls, with delicate but flat noses completing their oddity. Their ears are pointed and hairy.

Relations: Savreree unconsciously look for the acceptance of everyone and anyone; as they are extremely rare, other races treat them with wariness and with shock if they ever learn of their parentage. Disgust or pity may follow, depending on the savreree’s personality. The only race that rejects him on sight is the elves, which may even hunt down and kill him if they learn of his origins.

Alignment: Because of their warring natures, savreree always tend towards chaos; unless they are brought up with the least of attention, they will tend towards evil with a resentment that borders on the homicidal, when it does not cross the line completely. Despite this preference, there are just as many savreree of other alignments, but they are too rare for a common pattern to emerge.

Savreree Lands: Even more than other half-orcs, the savreree are exiles, finding no proper home amongst elves or amongst orcs. They have a much better chance settling down with humans, who are more likely to accept such oddities.

Religion: The elven half-orcs find little or no solace in the deities of their parent races; the elven pantheon sees them as a curse, while the orcish deities consider them pathetic. They will often turn to the gods of other races, most often humans’, where they find mercy for their cursed state, if not peace. When savreree finds a god that accepts them, they become the most fanatical of followers, willing to die for the being that treats them as persons.

Language: Savreree speak Elven and Orc with strange accents that no one can quite place. Depending on how much they suffered at the hands of either parent race, they will favor one or the other language and alphabet, although they will often spurn both in favor of Common.

Adventurers: Whatever path the savreree chooses, he will be in a constant quest to find peace of mind. Most, if not all of the abominations become adventurers, the opportunity to wander away and cut themselves off their past is too attractive for them to resist.

Racial Traits

  • +2 Strength, -2 Constitution
  • Medium size
  • Savreree base speed is 30-ft.
  • Darkvision: Savreree can see in the dark up to 60-ft. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight and half-orcs can function just fine with no light at all
  • Mixed Blood: Whenever a special ability or effect would affect the savreree because of his race, there is a 50%-50% chance that his bloodline will manifest as either elven or orcish
  • Automatic Languages: Common; must choose between Elven or Orc
  • +1 racial bonus on Listen and Spot checks
  • Bonus Languages: Draconic, Elven (if not automatic), Giant, Gnoll, Goblin, Orc (if not automatic), and Abyssal
  • Favoured Class: Ranger


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